People, Sales, Profits and Self are equal contributors to the success of your business. Our commitment and expertise focus on leadership solutions and tactical best practices to ensure these legs of your business are in balance. We zoom in on the importance of communication between partners, and across company employees.

With a headquarters in Nashville, we are able focus with precision on the unique nature of creative entepreneurs, including some of today's most successful business leaders in the music industry, architecture, design and film.

We know how to make your company Corporate Enough.



We listen. First we seek to understand the conditions you or the company face so we can develop and implement relevant, specific and measurable best practices.Using an adaptable and common-sense management approach, we evaluate where you are, who you have, and where you want to go. DISC profiles and Blanchard situational management principles, both respected, time-tested tools, support the process. Only then do we offer advice and recommendations to isolate highly leveraged activity that targets People, Sales, Profits and Self for implementation and improvement.



We will not undo your hard work but build on it, protecting company culture that sets you apart. Using our results-proven techniques in tandem with your operating practices, we blend into the fabric of your organization and work with who you are. We don’t try to change you, but we do implement programs that have lasting impact.

  • Coaching & Consulting

Coaches primarily facilitate growth and change, working with new perspectives on behaviors and beliefs to create lasting impact. Consultants primarily identify issues and either tell you how to fix them or fix them for you. While we believe great coaching helps you and your organization see lasting results, we also understand at times issues require attention right now. Among Nashville business consulting firms, we uniquely blend coaching and consulting for long-term change with fast solutions for urgent issues. The goal is to take immediate pressure off senior management while working on long-term strategies. We want you working on your business, not in your business.

  • Team Member Workshops and Action Plan Development

We deliver highly relevant and energizing interactive group sessions to set a course. Then, we work individually with selected team members to instill accountability for using best practices that result in sustainable and continuous improvement. The workshops are designed to deliver inspiring “a-ha!” moments with a roadmap for exceptional performance.

  • Seminar Presentations and Workshops

We will show you and your team how to identify natural competencies, areas of opportunity and ways to integrate distinct personality traits into productive output. Teaching leaders and their teams how to get the best results out of each team member is where we excel.

  • Growth and Transition Coaching

As entrepreneurs, we understand people like us have little interest adopting rigid corporate structures. Yet every successful business grows to the point where the “mom and pop” management style ceases to be very effective. This is where an experienced business consulting firm makes a huge impact. We respect your company culture and use best practices to move you and your business forward. Corporate Enough is often all you need.

  • Turnaround strategies

We also know business is not always about growth, and we’ve focused much time on turnaround strategies since 2000. Strategically and methodically we will help you set the right course for your business in ways that are realistic and obtainable.