Chris Weinberg
Phone: +1 (704) 641-0796


Well Coached is your business coaching co-pilot -- preserving the culture, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit that gave your company momentum while maintaining balance and instilling structure for new horizons.  

Chris' strength is his masterful ability to improve team communication. He helps partners talk to each other and their employees, using the basis of the DISC profile system. Check out these testimonials for more on how strengthening communication and understanding people's behavior traits has transformed many Well Coached clients.

People, Sales, Profits and Self are equal foundations for business success - and a balance of all four is required for success and growth.

In addition to focusing on the life cycle of a business and how successful entrepreneurial operations inevitably need more structure to survive and flourish, Well Coached recognizes the entrepreneurial spirit of what made the business great to begin with; instilling enough structure to prosper without killing the spirit with over managing.