Our Tools


For over 30 years, TTI Success Insights has researched and applied social and brain science, creating behavioral assessments consultants all over the world use to hire, develop and retain the best talent in the world.  With a tenacious, innovative culture, we transform potential to productivity, performance and profits. Well Coached is an Authorized Value Added Associate Partner with TTI Success Insights. This partnership allows us the ability to dive deep into the personalities and relationships in your office.

  • TTI INSIGHTS IS BEST IN CLASS: Consistently referred to “best in class” in side-by-side comparisons with competitors in immediate impact and completeness
  • SAFETY: Provide compliance with hiring laws and regulations including EEOC and OFCCP
  • DEPTH: Science-based assessments, in-depth reports integrate behavior, motivators, EQ, skills and acumen
  • EFFICACY: Highly effective for building teams, hiring or talent training and development that produces results
  • COMPREHENSIVE: Assessments to truly understand job requirements


We integrate principles of long-time management and leadership expert, Ken Blanchard, into tangible actions to clearly define your company’s vision and to execute your plan to get there. Centered around setting goals and providing constant feedback, we focus on incorporating key principles such as:

  • “Create a shared Vision.”
    Visions from the top must be articulated clearly so that everyone in the organization can easily understand the purpose.

  • “Show me what good performance looks like.”
    It is the job of the Leader or Manager to express and demonstrate in no uncertain terms what you expect from team members.

  • “People that feel good about themselves produce good results.”
    Create an atmosphere where team members can win and feel successful. It only breeds more of the same. Have a process for recognizing performance.

  • “None of us is as smart as all of us.”
    Create and environment where team members are expected to voice opinions related to the organization’s survival and success. It creates buy-in and increased productivity.

  • “Feedback is the breakfast of champions.”
    Tell team members exactly how they are doing, constantly.


DiSC is designed to improve productivity, teamwork and communication. Personality styles determine how you communicate and how you lead. Used thoughtfully, DiSC allows us get to know you quickly. We look at how you and your team respond to challenges, feedback, rules and rewards. DiSC identifies strengths and opportunities for improvement by tapping into four main dimensions, including:





Personalities vary.  Focused utilization of the DiSC Profile System enables us to help you to communicate effectively across every personality combination. For over 20 years we’ve studied and successfully implemented both Ken Blanchard leadership principles and the DiSC Profile System. Used effectively, these powerful tools will help your organization achieve real improvement in the key areas of People, Sales and Profits.