Building Your Team Using DISC and EQ

Building your team is more than hiring people with the greatest experience. This is a common issue in hiring, and it causes roadblocks. These new hires start delegating right off and might not be the right people. It’s easy to bring in winners based on experience but those people do not have solutions to everything in a brand new company. When that happens, winners we hire quickly start looking like losers. Already-established leaders quickly get frustrated and start taking work previously delegated back onto themselves. As entrepreneurs grow it is creating the right mix of teammates is arguably the most difficult challenge they face. Considering that most entrepreneurs do not work on interviewing skills or best hiring practices, interviews are often unproductive, and they start hiring themselves. That may be good for one hire, but terrible for another.

One of the primary difficulties in hiring is that both the interviewer and the interviewee are on their best behavior, hoping for a successful outcome. The entrepreneur is probably at the point of desperation and the interviewee is certainly putting their best foot forward to try to get a job. Therefore, it is likely you are not getting a 100% true read on the talents and the fit of the individual. 

Using a multi-pronged interview process approach is crucial to the entrepreneur. We believe in the DISC assessment and the Emotional Intelligence (EQ) assessment. These two assessments join your in-person interviews skill sets allowing us a 360-read on candidates’ likely behaviors and durability for the company. Additional assessments across the entire company allow us to better understand how that interviewee will fit into the current team and help shore up some deficiencies the candidate may have.

Entrepreneurs grow their business. That is the most important thing. Our goal is to get a team built around them that will allow the entrepreneur to push their vision. These assessments offer a deep dive look at the skills and the personalities, which can then be tailored to fit a perfect match for your vision board. An interview engine is a skill set that takes a long time to develop. 

Our recommendation is to have some distance on the hires using a third party like Well Coached that can match skills sets and company needs based on a shared vision. The DISC and EQ assessments let you see their true personality and how their behavior fits in within the company as a whole. Proper interviewing and selection takes real time and real effort. 

chris weinberg