Three of the Most Important Processes in Business

Putting in processes that can support you while your business grows is just as important as safeguarding your creative spirit as an entrepreneur. Communication, hiring, and accounting are three of the most important problems for the entrepreneurs I work with every day.


It can be difficult getting your ideas, thoughts, vision, and mission out of your head and onto paper. This can create a lot of challenges as a founder, or entrepreneur, when communicating effectively across your organization, regardless of size.


Hiring correctly can be a nightmare. That’s because not only can there be a missing skillset in place to identify good candidates, but also because most entrepreneurs hire people that are just like them. This is the last thing the business needs.


Most entrepreneurs have a habit of kicking-back at any kind of formalized structure. Entrepreneurs rarely get into business saying, “I can’t wait to do numbers.” That’s why I often encourage clients to learn to love the spreadsheets, as the adage goes, you can’t grow what you don’t measure.

Consistent, repeatable, processes directly impact business. They effect general interactions with people, the way employees are treated, the way people are trained, how customers are prospected, initial customer interactions, repeat customer interactions, and company culture.

Putting in accounting systems, hiring book keepers, etc., are all tactics that I use to get businesses healthy and make sure that they maintain their health, while understanding why their processes are important to their success.