What It Means To Be Corporate Enough

A lot of entrepreneurs get into business because they hate the word “corporate”. They can’t stand the thought of working for a large corporation, sitting in a cubicle, wearing a suit and tie, being told what to do every second of the day.

So, they start a business.

Most of these businesses come from a passion, unique skill set, or creative side that’s central to the entrepreneur’s identity. The only problem is that none of these creative qualities are usually tied to any kind of system, or process, or things typically considered to be on the “boring side” of business.

But eventually, every business needs some type of structure.

Once the business becomes successful and starts growing, things need to change within the business for it to continue to grow and thrive. That doesn’t mean one size fits all. It’s at this inflection point that the entrepreneur comes face to face with the very things they didn’t want to deal with when they started their own business.

That’s what being “Corporate Enough” is all about.

It’s about maintaining a creative spirit and energized mindset toward growing your own business and scaling that business. At the same time, it means maintaining the creativity and freedom that got you there, while putting in enough systems and processes to grow.

It doesn’t have to be scary.