Well Coached's Chris Weinberg has watched many businesses and entrepreneurs face similar challenges at the same point in their journey. By asking "are you corporate enough?", Chris preserves the culture, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit that gave your company momentum while maintaining balance and instilling structure for new horizons. He specializes in communication problem-solving between partners and employees utilizing the DISC profile system. Though based in Nashville, Tennessee, Chris works with clients across the United States in fields as diverse as music management, sales, marketing and transportation. Using a framework of People / Sales / Profit / Self, Chris is a high-level co-pilot to unlimited success.


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As your business grows from start-up to regional player and beyond, you may be reluctant to embrace what you see as the inevitable “corporatization” of your enterprise—the transition from feisty upstart fueled by passion to a complex organization with carefully delineated responsibilities and commitments. Many business owners resist this Gear Shift, and as a result, their enterprises suffer and may even fail.

This easy-to-read and entertaining book offers stories that contain valuable lessons that no business owner can afford to ignore. The stories feature people who are trying to grow their business, keep stakeholders happy, and not lose their sanity—all by slightly shifting gears.


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